Print A6

Automatic screenprinting machine


Advantages and benefits

    • Advanced sheet-fed flatbed technology.
    • Camera-controlled print auto-registration to sheet edge or to image target (previous print).
    • Auto-correction of print length distortion.
    • Auto-positioning during screen setup.
    • Intuitive software and HMI logics.
    • Operator-independent precision.
    • Increased production output.
    • Full integration with INO dryer and stacker.

Print A7

Automatic screenprinting machine with cleaning station


Advantages and benefits

  • PRINT A6 upgraded with Teknek cleaning station.

Print V6

3/4 automatic screenprinting machine


Advantages and benefits

    • Simple to use.
    • Very short setup time.
    • High precision.
    • Printing on various materials like paper, foils, cardboard, …
    • Drawer with printing material for simple loading.
    • Screen is always in horizontal position - therefore ink does not drop behind the scraper.
    • Possibility of adding ink into the screen from a sitting position.
    • Machine is ergonomically designed which requires minimal operator's effort.
    • Pneumatic squeegee and scraper holding system.
    • Optical positioning on previous print