INO, podjetje za konstruiranje in izdelavo strojne opreme, d.o.o.

Company INO, d.o.o., Žiri is a designer and manufacturer of improved
productivity machinery and automation of demanding
production operations and procedures.
Company employs experts from mechanical engineering, electrotechnology,
information science, screenprinting and other
fields. INO actually employs twelve employees with employment
relationship but we are more than twenty, counting those with
contracts, sub-contractors and probationary students.

Our specific advantage is competence in technology and recognizing
our customers' problems . We help our customers improve
productivity and find solutions for complex problems.

Why collaborate with us?

Long-term partnership. Through this formula it is possible to cut
costs of collaboration on both sides while we know each other
well. As equipment manufacturer we have a good knowledge of
your products and all particularities we have to be focused on.
You as a customer on the other hand know exactly what you can
expect from us.